Publisher’s Perspective

Wow, what a festival!

Happy anniversary to me! And happy anniversary to the wonderful community of Gonzales! Happy anniversary? What’s that you say? It was one year ago Friday that yours truly stepped foot in the …

Remember 'Hunters for the Hungry' this hunting season

Texas hunting licenses for the 2018-2019 sporting year are on sale and the hunting season is in full swing. When purchasing a new hunting license, Texas hunters have the opportunity to make a …
love, eric & eloise

Snake in the grass

Hey y’all, hope everyone has fully recovered from “Come and Take It.” For several years, the church we attended ran a food booth and our church band played there, we all had a great time and a …
Letter to the Editor

Posting informational election signs

Editor:This is a follow up to the letter I sent about posting information signs about election at the entry to HEB and Walmart. As I stated, they flatly refused, saying they do not get involved in …
Letter to the Editor

Call for ombudsman

Dear Editor:This is really a letter to Gonzales county’s gentlemen and ladies who have a heart for elder care residents.You may be acquainted with what CASA volunteers do for children in the …
Letter to the Editor

Consider candidacy of Eric Holguin

Dear Editor:I would like for all to consider the candidacy of Eric Holguin for the 27th Texas Congressional district. Eric favors creating jobs through infrastructure repair and improvements, which …
Letter to the Editor

Thank you for successful National Night Out

A community wide thank you to all the first responders and community members that came together to host the third annual National Night Out. The NNO program is a grassroots effort put on by …

Welcome home to Gonzales

To all our guests who have come to celebrate this weekend we’d like to offer a sincere welcome to Gonzales. We’re sure you will have a blast at the Come and Take It Festival! Whether you are …
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On Tuesday, Oct. 16, Sen. Ted Cruz (R) and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D) had their second, and likely last, debate, less than a month before Election Day. Did the debate sway your vote?

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