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Publisher’s Perspective

Never forget: Remembering Pearl Harbor

This is one of the most important columns I will write as publisher of this newspaper. It deals with history, one of the true turning points in American history and I hope everyone will take the …

This month in Gonzales history - December

1827: fort built, where St. Louis Street meets Water Street (Block 3) December, colonists return to Gonzales. They had deserted the settlement on Kerr Creek because of fear of attack by local …
Publisher Perspective

Return to Oz, or Winterfest 2018

My, how time flies! I can’t believe a whole year has passed since last year’s Winterfest in Gonzales. It was the day I was truly indoctrinated into the Gonzales lifestyle, replete with chili, …
Publisher’s Perspective

Enjoy your Thanksgiving memories

The memories of Thanksgiving are among the most precious memories I have. As a youngster, I grew up in the house of my grandparents. Every year on Thanksgiving all my mom’s siblings would …
Letter to the Editor

Auxiliary expresses thanks

Dear Editor, The members of Memorial Hospital Auxiliary would like to express our thanks to the Heights of Gonzales for hosting the September meeting at their facility. The food was delicious and …
Publishers Perspective

Reflecting on one-year anniversary

How quickly time flies. One year. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. 3,153,600 seconds. That’s how long I have been in Gonzales. One year ago I moved to Gonzales for a variety of …
Publisher’s Perspective

BBQ fest with the Baker Boys

It was a normal Sunday afternoon watching football with Harlo and Geno at the Come and Take It. We were watching the Houston Texans play, when suddenly a voice behind me said: “Hey, how would …
Letter to the Editor

Laws need to be enforced on all

Sunday, Oct. 21, some inconsiderate person was burning tires which the smoke covered the town, that very toxic and awful smell woke me up. This was in the evening.I realize whoever was doing this …
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New York Times bestselling author Michael Arceneaux wrote a column about Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” song and its excellence. That column has us wondering, how often do you listen to holiday music?

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