Goal worthy of support



American non-committed to a cooperative venture with Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Summit countries to wipe out extremists and to create an environment in the Middle East where future generations of youth will not be drawn toward extremist activities. That is a goal worthy of support.

Customary reactions to violence (kill those suckers!) tend to blind us from the other reaction, get to the root of the cause for those activities. It’s usually hatred.

Now we Americans have gone through episodes of vengeance related violence; Indians against whites, the James Outlaw Gang against railroads, Billy the Kid, etc. The hatred among Palestinians and other groups were generated in much the same way; Palestinians robbed and mistreated; military fire and air strikes throughout the Middle East have left hatred. With little future in sight youth joined the bandwagon of vengeance and violence. We have no choice but to wipe out those but we can look forward.

President Trump appears to have the correct incite to improve the future situation but he will need a groundswell of public support to overcome opposing factions with great influence over Congress. We must communicate with our Congress individually or prepare to live with agenda pushed through by vested interests.

David Cole