Letter to the Editor

Reader comments on Texas AARP column


In regards to your guest column by Rob Schneider of the Texas AARP about Social Security. Boy, thinking about the fox in the hen house — AARP is surely one of those as they claim to represent all elderly people before Congress. Social Security is their one big gun in lobbying business and they try to use it to keep people on their bandwagon.
Now, editor, Social Security has run its course as piggy bank for every president starting with President Roosevelt, money non-accountable at budget time. Younger generation now owe individually thousands of dollars to be paid by taxes or increased withholding of their salaries because SS confiscation of salaries were never put in trust to pay off SS returns — it could have drawn interest as a trust.
It is past time to sunset the SS administration, stop withholding from salaries and creating new accounts. All existing SS accounts could be paid off as now and the savings from the vast SS administration budget used to strengthen the fund availability to pay off accounts — no one will lose their account balance.
New generations of workers will be motivated to save through banking institutions, government bonds and other investments. Think about that, all folks don’t continue to ride the AARP bandwagon until SS payout is reduced!

David Cole