Gonzales County man arrested by FBI in San Antonio


This story has been updated to reflect progress of the case in court.

A Gonzales County man was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in San Antonio after planning to provide support to ISIS and discussing possible terror attacks in the U.S., according to an unsealed criminal complaint which was filed in the Texas Western District Federal Court.

Jaylyn Christopher Molina, of Cost, Texas, was arrested Monday, Sept. 21, 2020 and is facing charges of violating 18 U.S. Code 2339 B, conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, according to federal court filings retrieved by the Inquirer. Molina is currently in custody without bond. A detention hearing held on Sept. 29 determined that Molina is to continue being detained without bond due to the nature of his charges. The detention order alleges that Molina could pose a flight risk if released.

An indictment was filed on Oct. 14, and Molina's arraignment has been set for Oct. 28, where charges levied against him will be formally read. 

In a 14-page criminal complaint, it is alleged that the FBI became aware that Molina had joined an encrypted app around April this year, which was dedicated to the support of the ideology of ISIS and monitored through “confidential human sources” which were present in the group.

Communications in this group from Molina, as well as on his social media accounts according to this complaint, were concerned with efforts to radicalize and recruit to ISIS other persons, as well as the preparation and sharing of propaganda for ISIS.

This complaint also alleges that within this encrypted app, Molina pledged allegiance to ISIS and discussed traveling to Syria to fight on behalf of the terrorist organization. Also alleged in the complaint is the planning of possible domestic and foreign attacks on behalf of ISIS, as well as distribution of bomb-making information.

The complaint also names another defendant, Kristopher Matthews of Elgin, South Carolina.