GEDC selects new Lynn lights


Lynn Theater patrons may soon be bathed under the bright glow of new LED lights. GEDC voted unanimously to authorize board president Dewey Smith to enter into a contract with National Signs for the repair of the marquee at the Lynn Theater. The board chose an LED option for the sign and marquee.

The selection was made following a brief demonstration of two LED products by National Signs representative Allen Sawyer. The more expensive option featured solid casing, while the other was more malleable. GEDC opted for the more inexpensive option citing no discernable difference between the appearance. 

“It’s a good attention getter,” board member Tommy Cox said. “This is a focal point for downtown.”

The selected option is quoted as costing $75,550 and features a three-year warranty. The board also left open an option to add a sequential light ladder to the project. Sawyer is expected to return to the July meeting with a quote for sequential lights.

The board set July 8 as the public hearing date for the project. The project must receive approval from city council before moving forward. There is a 60-day public comment period for the project which began today. No funds are to be released for the project until the public comment period has ended.

Other news from the meeting:

  • The board proposed several ideas during its budget workshop and are hoping to prioritize projects that seek to expand the industrial park and airport. However, the budget is still undergoing work and the motion to finalize was tabled.
  • GEDC claims they have not received loan payments from the Holiday Inn since October 2018 and that they have been sending demand letters and phone calls. They will explore their options at the next meeting July 8.
  • Board member Andy Rodriguez was appointed to be a GEDC representative in pursuant of a potential project with the Gonzales Area Development Corporation.
  • No public comments were given for the Farmer’s Daughter $20,000 grant or the Insyteful contract and both projects were approved by the board.
  • With the Insyteful contract for website development being approved, GEDC President/CEO Genora Young hopes to add line dedicated to website maintenance to the upcoming budget.
  • Updates to the 2019-2020 two-year strategic plan were reviewed.
  • Minutes from the May 30, 2019 meeting were approved, while May 25, 2019’s minutes were tabled.