Letter to the Editor

Consider candidacy of Eric Holguin


Dear Editor:
I would like for all to consider the candidacy of Eric Holguin for the 27th Texas Congressional district. Eric favors creating jobs through infrastructure repair and improvements, which our county is in desperate need of. This creates high paying jobs for workers here in Bastrop that cannot be shipped overseas. Eric will stand up for Social Security and Medicare rights which we have paid into all of our lives and we deserve to reap those benefits, unlike the Republicans who are poised and ready to take away “entitlements.” Eric believes that health care is a right and not privilege and wants to ensure everyone has access to health care including those who can’t afford it. Eric knows the vast majority of illegal immigration is from people who come here legally and that no border wall is going to solve the problem, just be another massive spending bill. Eric will stand up for a woman’s right to equal pay, the environment, education and civil rights for all.
Michael Cloud claims in his website that he is against out of control spending, really? We all know the Republicans are spending our money like drunk sailors and cutting revenue in favor of the richest 1 percent, all at the same time they are deregulating the banks. Michael appears to me to be in lock step with Trump in out of control spending, science deniers who are damaging the environment and don’t care about the middleman. Therefore, I am voting for Eric Holguin.

Mark Timerman