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Be good caretakers of the Earth

God states this in Genesis. But we are spitting in God’s face, wantonly destroying his creation. The state is putting “poison” on the side of roadways to kill off hogs but they also kill deer, … more

Dissertations not needed for Beauty and the Beast

Last Thursday night I went to the Lynn Theater to watch Beauty and the Beast. I figured I'd grab a bite to eat first then walk on over a few minutes ahead of time to grab a good seat. As I walked … more

Of goats and men

If anyone asked me 30 years ago what my goal was, I would have replied (without one hint of modesty) my intention was to become publisher of the New York Times. At the time, I was publisher of a … more

SB 6 does more harm than good

This is going to sound a bit repetitive, but with the recent editorial by Senator Lois Kolkhorst penned, I felt it necessary to yet again talk about Senate Bill 6 also known as the Texas Privacy Act … more

Women's rights are human rights

In May of 2016, President Obama issued an edict that all school children could declare their own gender and use the restroom, locker room and shower of their choice. Thankfully, the … more

Thank you tree trimmers

To the citizens of Gonzales To whoever is trimming the trees in the Sarah DeWitt Drive median - Thank you. Your efforts, while noticed not only by those of us that live here, will also be noticed … more

Harmonic dissonance

Rachel Ammons is a singer-songwriter and the most apolitical person in the universe. It surprised me to see the reaction for an opinion she wrote extolling the virtues of getting along. Her … more

In defense of mindless television

Wednesday night I stared at a jumbled mess of words in a document on my computer screen just wondering how I can put together these puzzle pieces and create the masterpiece that is my column. OK, … more

Privatizing essential things

Texas is big. I don’t know how I got there Sunday evening but I found myself online on the state’s list of agencies. I know it was a list because it was alphabetized. This doesn’t happen to … more

Texas needs to stand up to NFL bullies

So now the liberal “geniuses” running the NFL have issued a thinly veiled warning to Texas about passing laws which those “geniuses” might deem "discriminatory." This after the NFL warned … more

Reader responds to poll question

My first response based on the intended audience is D (unchristian) however the correct response is also C (unconstitutional). I've had the opportunity to visit one of the organizations whose … more

The economics of funding

My father was a city council member for a very small Arkansas town for too many years. I knew when the phone rang, it was probably about a pothole when I hoped it was from Aubrey Nixon, the girl I … more

Celebrate black history with education

I feel pretty lucky with the way I was raised and educated. A product of the military, I’ve been taught by educators both on and off army bases through the public school system. There weren’t … more

Rebuilding with passion

Depth is important in sports. There’s other things, like winning and losing. But any coach I watch or know will invariably talk about his or her bench and the advantage of having lots of skill … more

Muslim ban is not Christian behavior

President Donald Trump has gone under fire yet again, this time for the Muslim ban he implemented with an executive order that bars citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries — Libya, Sudan, … more

Be wary of ‘school choice’

If you haven't noticed, our elected officials are taking public stances against our public schools. Rep. Blake Farenthold — the congressman for Gonzales — has come out in favor of school … more

Citizen pleads to keep city ‘affordable’

Dear Gonzales city council, We believe if you increase the electrical rates on the small businesses here in Gonzales, Texas, that will be just another nail in the coffin of struggling businesses … more

Health care for all

We citizens of the United States, regardless of political affiliation, have put up with more than eight years of back and forth on federal policy related to health care and health insurance. With the … more

Stolen honor

Congressman Vela’s decision to boycott the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States was disappointing, but not surprising. Citing objections to statements made by the president and … more

Acceptance over intolerance

In my last column I’ve talked about how Senate Bill 2 or the “bathroom bill” is unnecessary. Its use would just be to add to a list of discriminatory laws against trans people. But I feel it is … more
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