Wildcat basketball camp deemed a success


Although David Graves has only been in Waelder a few months now, the newly hired athletic director wasted no time in implementing his programs, including a summer youth basketball camp last week. Graves believes the three-day camp accomplished a lot, from getting kids to the gym to introducing future Wildcat athletes to all the coaches.

“I think the most important thing for our youth is that they stay in the gym,” Graves said. “We are a basketball-traditional school, but it has to start with them. It has to start with our youth, it has to start with our younger kids throughout the whole year. It’s important that we give them the attention that they need just as much as we give our high school the attention that they need. I think that they being in the gym makes the relationship with each other, it holds them accountable, it teaches them new life lessons and most importantly it’s something new, a newer tradition that we can bring to Waelder for many years to come and it starts spreading and more people start coming, so I think it’s very important that we did this.”

The Waelder coaches spent their time teaching the athletes the ins and outs of the game of basketball. On the last day of camp, the staff split up the players into teams and ran scrimmages.

Graves noted that it was important his entire coaching staff was there to help with the camp.

“We could not do this camp without our whole staff,” he said. “Every single person played a vital part in every single thing that we do. Every single person had a great attribute to every lesson, everyone pulled their own weight. We had a successful camp. For this being the first camp ever, with 24 kids, I think this was an amazing thing, and as fast we had to put it together. I think all the coaches did a tremendous job. We couldn’t have pulled this off without them.”


Photos by José Torres/Gonzales Inquirer

The Waelder Wildcat athletic program held a summer youth basketball camp last week to get kids in the gym as well as introduce them to the staff.