Letter to the editor

Thank you, Gonzales


Dear Gonzales,
In the days since the passing of Keith Carter, my true love of over twenty years, so many of you gathered to share the shock and grief of an amazing man gone too young. Keith’s smile and laugh brightened so many of our days and lives. His wise advice, guidance and encouragement smoothed our life paths. Debating with Keith broadened our views. His kind listening soothed our pain. In his zest for a good drink and a rousing song, he found his somewhere over the rainbow in Gonzales. He fell in love with the town within the first month we moved here. He marveled at Gonzalean’s pride in their history, at the kindness of a stranger’s greeting in passing, at the gracious ways of the culture. He didn’t want to ever live anywhere else, he loved Gonzales that much.
Thank you for loving him, too, but then again who could help but to embrace such a radiant soul. I used to tease him about his “Sir Lancelot Syndrome” that extended to all, not just a damsel in distress. I cherished that attribute in him and never tried to dissuade him, but as you know Keith, there wasn’t much to pick on him about. He was sometimes too smart for his own good. Still, Keith and I shared a life goal to leave the world better than we found it. I believe he succeeded.
Even though, we must carry on without his laugh, his voice, his hugs he will never leave us. For, he gave a piece of his heart to all who were willing to accept it.
Thank you Gonzales for accepting him and me and for all the support, love and prayers you continue to lend me. And thank you to all who have donated to the Keith Carter Memorial Fund at www.GoFundme.com/keithcarter-longbranch, set up by Wm Reid Means. You are helping keep Keith’s dreams for the Long Branch alive.

Karen Jacobs