Letter to the Editor

Thank you for successful National Night Out


A community wide thank you to all the first responders and community members that came together to host the third annual National Night Out.
The NNO program is a grassroots effort put on by community members and first responders to get to know each other in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.
That indeed happened Tuesday, Oct. 2.
So many of our fine first responders, businesses such as GVEC, Walmart, La Bella Tavola, HEB, TxTown Internet Radio, thrive Healthplex and others showed up, set up and gave the community a heck of a party.
It was a joy to see our community’s first responders get to mingle and enjoy each other’s company, which isn’t something that they can do daily.
It was a joy to see the expression on everyone’s face when the helicopter landed right outside of Mohrmann’s Drug Store.
It was a joy to see the kids from the local ranch where CPS has placed them be able to get more than one piece of candy and their own bag of goodies from Walmart, and a snow cone and a cookie and their face painted.
It was a joy to see the joy.
It was a joy to remember that when people come together for the good of other people, there is joy.
When there is no partisanship, no politics, no debate, there is joy.
Thank you to everyone involved for giving me a night of joy and I look forward to sharing that joy with you on the first Tuesday night in October 2019.

Kelly A. Lindner