Reader hopes council does right thing


It is highly disturbing to see the lack of fiscal responsibility being taken by our city council, city manager, mayor and other city officials. The position which they wish to re-create, was dissolved. The salary that paid this position was then given to other department heads. So, will those department heads be relinquishing the added salaries received to pay for the new Public Works Director. 

As a person with an accounting background, this is a clear disregard of fiscal responsibility. Tax payer funds are meant to provide for the community. We elect city council officials to preserve and maintain the best for us citizens. Is this truly in the best interest of our citizens? What it sounds like is the department heads do not wish to carry these responsibilities, but do like to receive compensation for them. This is highly reflective of the entire political system which governs us today. As the citizens continue to pay taxes to fund the practice of government, the government spends recklessly for no means but their own. There should be much more analysis of the overtime currently being paid out. There should be much more analysis of the current operations before a new position is created. 

I ask all citizens to step up and ask questions. Go to a city council meeting, read the paper and maintain an understanding of the actions your local government, all government is taking. 

I sincerely hope our city council can do right by the people who have elected them. I hope there will be more examination of this situation and all other situations which present themselves. My question to them would be, "If this was your money, would you approve this?" (The irony is that it is their money along with the rest of the taxpayers.)


Clint Irle