Letter to the Editor

Posting informational election signs


This is a follow up to the letter I sent about posting information signs about election at the entry to HEB and Walmart. As I stated, they flatly refused, saying they do not get involved in politics. I would say to the corporations, they live in our community and benefit from the money that the people in our community spend at their stores. That said they have a prerogative to do as they see fit.
I went out and ordered three signs and made stands for them at my expense that has all the information about the election and where places to go vote are so voters know where and when to go and vote. One is posted at the courthouse entrance, one is posted at the lobby entrance at the Randle Rather Building, and I posted one in front of my house for a time. We are hoping that someone will post the last sign so more people will be informed. We need people to exercise their right to vote. They have taken the step to register and now they need to turn out and vote. The republic will only stand when we stop driving wedges between people and go and vote with open minds. Just to let people know, the last votes we have had in this county show that we rarely have 50 percent of registered voters exercise their right so we are governed by about 25 percent of the registered voters. Does this sound like a government of the people?

Ken Mosher Sr.