LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Bikers were very sweet visitors in town


Dear Editor,

Our name is Tony and Patsy Fitzsimmons. We own the LongBranch Saloon here in Gonzales and we would like to thank all of the people that worked so hard to make the Thunder Rally a success. We have read several letters to the editor on what a flop it was because of the bikers' wanting to show their colors and being denied to do it. The reason we want to thank these people is because of whatever happened, it brought in over 300 bikers to our establishment from early Saturday morning until Sunday at midnight when we closed. These bikers spent several hours with us and spent a whole lot of money. They were the most respectful and sweetest people anyone could have met. Even our local customers said what a good time they had meeting these folks. You would be surprised as to how many came up to us and said the best thing about the Thunder Rally was to come into our establishment and be introduced to a building over 100 years old and buying beer for $1.50, also cold A/C, clean restrooms and watching the Texas Longhorns play. Wave after wave of these men and women were in and out of the course of two days from all over the great state of Texas. When they left they told us that they enjoyed theirselves and would definitely be back to Gonzales to visit us. In closing it was very sad to know what these people had to go thru to attend this rally. We as business owners and taxpayers don't know the whole scoop about what really happened and we are not here to judge anyone, but it's essential for us to have these things in our community whether it be a rally or a rodeo, or any other big function. So whom it may concern, please think about our families, merchants and business owners whose livelihood depends on the growth in Gonzales, which town we love with all of our hearts.

Thank you again to the people that worked so hard on the Rally. Thank you to all of the bikers for coming into our bar and giving us a chance to how wonderful Gonzales can be! Thank you Law Enforcement, Fire Department and EMS for taking care of our homes, businesses and our our health throughout the year! For this we thank you!

So come on Gonzales — we all can work together to make this the best little town in South Texas.

Respectfully yours,

Tony and Patsy Fitzsimmons

LongBranch Saloon Owners