Let your voice be heard


Let your voice be heard. The Nov. 6 election is getting close and you must be registered by Oct. 9 to vote. This is an important election that will decide who will represent Texas and our county in many important positions including as U.S. Senator, U.S. and State Representatives, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Commissioners, Judges and Clerks. Remember, you don’t have to vote for every position on the ballot; it’s okay to only vote for the candidates you are familiar with and know where they stand on issues that are important to you.

Why vote? This is your opportunity to have someone you agree with become your representative on various issues such as health care, immigration and gun control. If you are/aren’t happy with the way things are going, let your representatives know by casting your vote. Even if your candidate does not win, you are sending a message that you wanted someone/something else. And who knows, if enough people in the minority vote, the minority can become the majority.

Who’s eligible to vote in Gonzales County? Anyone who meets the following qualifications:

• You must live in Gonzales County.

• You must be a United States citizen.

• You must be 18 years of age on or before election day.

• You must not be convicted of a felony; or if you have, you must have completed all of your punishment, including any term of parole, probation, etc.

How can I get registered? If you aren’t registered to vote in Gonzales County or if you’ve moved, changed names, etc. since you registered, you can stop by the Gonzales County Tax Office located at 427 St. George, Suite 100 to fill out a voter registration application which takes about five minutes. Helpful links for more information or to print an application: www.votetexas.gov, www.sos.state.tx.us, www.co.gonzales.tx.us; printed applications should be mailed to: Crystal Cedillo, Gonzales County Voter Registrar, PO Box 677, Gonzales, TX 78629. There will also be folks walking around at the Come & Take It celebration who will have voter registration applications.

Make a difference. Vote!