Publisher’s Perspective

Lest we forget our forefathers


With the anniversary of the first shot for Texas Independence rapidly approaching, I decided to take a short drive out to Cost to look at the First Shot Memorial out on 97.

I had a friend in town for the weekend, and during that time I tried to explain the significance of Gonzales’ history to her. We talked about the First Shot and the Come and Take It story, the Alamo, Goliad, the Runaway Scrape and finally, San Jacinto.

My friend had never heard the story, and she was enthralled by it. After talking about it all day on Saturday, I suggested we take a drive out to Cost so I could show her the monument. She enthusiastically agreed.

When we got there, I am sorry to say I was totally embarrassed by what we saw. I was not embarrassed by the monument and the story mind you, but folks, you should see the mess that is there right now.

Weeds are growing out of the rocks on the walkway up to the monument. The grass has not been cut in over a month. It looks overgrown and really seedy there right now.

With Come and Take It weekend rapidly approaching in just nine more days, I think we need to do something about this before all our friends, relatives and tourists descend on our town next weekend. We need to clean up our history.

Now I am not sure who is supposed to cut the grass at the monument. I suspect that the grass might not have been cut in the past few weeks because of all the rain, but it has been awhile since that hallowed ground has seen the benefit of a lawn mower. In addition, it has been awhile since anyone has pulled any weeds out there.

So here is what I am suggesting. This Saturday, Sept. 29, let’s hold a cleaning bee at the monument. I will be there at 11 a.m. with gloves and shears, and I will work to pull weeds. If any of y’all would like to come out and help that would be great. If someone could bring a riding lawnmower, we could have the entire place spiffed up within an hour’s time. I’ll even bring water and some other stuff to keep everyone hydrated. If someone would like to bring some flowers, it would help spruce the look of the place up immensely.

If no one shows up, I am still going to go and pull weeds. The forefathers of this area who fired the first shot in the Texas Revolution and the Immortal 32 certainly deserve better. Gonzales is an area justifiably proud of its magnificent heritage and its part in Texas history, so let’s stand up and do the right thing by cleaning up our shrines to the heroes of lore and do them proud. Let us pay homage to those who fought and who fell so that Texas would be free.

I will see anyone who cares to show up at the Cost First Shot Monument on Saturday at 11 a.m.