Letter to the Editor

Informing public about voting


I just had a conversation with HEB and WalMart managers about allowing me to post an information sign at their entries that would be a reminder to voters to go out and vote, either on election day or on early voting days. I was surprised that I was flatly turned down. I e-mailed HEB corporate headquarters and they said that they do not get involved in encouraging the general public to vote. I expect ultimately to be told by corporate that they will not allow the signs. It is too bad that the busiest places in our town and county do not allow such signs.
The only thing the signs would say is VOTE and give the date of the election and the early voting dates, and the locations where to vote for all the precincts. It is too bad that we have elections that garner only about 30 or 40 percent of the registered voters to come out and vote, and trying to get information out about the upcoming elections is denied. All I can say is VOTERS and NON-VOTERS you only get the government that you vote for. It seems that many people that are registered to vote do not read papers, and we only have one in town to inform them.

Ken Mosher Sr.