This Week in Gonzales History

Gonzales County Chronological History—February


Editor’s Note: We published the chronological history of Gonzales County from Feb. 1 – Feb. 16 in last week’s edition. This week, we’ll publish the second half of the February history.

1852 - February 29, Presbyterian Church of Gonzales organized, meeting in various buildings.

1854 - February 18, fifty to seventy-five cases of mumps and measles reported

1883 - February 17, the Inquirer staff was invited down to a sumptuous oyster supper at the restaurant of Barnes & Son who “know so well how to do the handsome thing. A new feature was the introduction of lemonade.”

1884 – February 23, St. Joseph Catholic Church structure completed (cost $887.50)

1891 - February 19, The Gonzales Inquirer states that it is read by at least 5000 people every week and is still a bargain at $1.50 CASH per year.

1899 - February 16, the ladies of the Park Association are sponsoring a social soon. All young ladies wearing pink bows are willing to marry and all young men wearing red ties will be considered “courting danger.” If they wear black they are “not of this world.”

1909 - February 25, a carload of bones was shipped out of Gonzales by a local firm. On February 25, since January 3, Stahl Brothers of Gonzales have sent out eight carloads of eggs. Each carload means something more than $3000 so one can see that eggs are bringing about $12,000 per month to Stahl Brothers.

1915 - February 17, the Inquirer states, “After you have done something to make your town proud of you, perhaps you will feel proud of your town.”

1956 - February 16, Major Audie Murphy came to Gonzales as a stop on his National Guard Inspection Tour.