Gonzales County Chronological History—February


Editor’s Note: We will be publishing the chronological history of Gonzales County from Feb. 1 – Feb. 16 in this edition. Next week, we’ll publish the second half of the February history.

1836 - February 3, siege of the Alamo began

1854 - February 11, cornerstone laid for new Baptist Church brought in to show the folks at The Inquirer. It was a front molar measuring eight inches long and nineteen inches in circumference.

1879 - January and February, the river banks at the upper and lower “wash” places graded down to permit easier access to the river. These were at the north and south ends of Block 2 on Water Street in inner town. (Ends of St. Louis and St. Lawrence Streets).

1883 - February 10, Saturday, reportedly the weather had been unusually warm and sultry for several days. On Saturday morning at 7 a.m. the temperature was 72 degrees. At 10 a.m. a norther struck and by noon there was ice! At sundown, the temperature was 20 degrees.

1891 - February 12, “The hop given by Misses Kokernot and Jeffries at Kleine Hall was decidedly one of the most elegant and enjoyable affairs ever given in Gonzales.” The party began at 8:30 p.m. with music by a string band from San Antonio and the dancing continued until 12 p.m. when refreshments were served. Dancing continued until 3 a.m.

1899 - February 11, The Inquirer urges homeowners to care for their large shade trees in order to keep the town looking its best. “Remove mistletoe and cut off damaged, low-hanging limbs.”

1912 - February 7, the Civic Club has set a contest to see who can create the prettiest back yard, lamenting that residents spend their resources on the front yard and neglect the rear yard. Vines and flowers should be planted along unsightly back fences.

1915 - February 3, the City Cemetery has been cleaned and all the walkways cleared.  The east fence was repaired. The idea of having all the hedges cut down met with approval, as an unobstructed view of the entire cemetery would be a great improvement. On February 3, Gonzales will have a “jitney” (taxi) service at a nickel or dime for a ride. On February 5, the Guadalupe Sanitarium is now open and has two patients. On February 13, Michelson Brothers purchased the Gonzales Bottling Works previously owned by Emil Schleyer.

1920 - February 6, 1469 motor vehicles registered in county. On February 7, Miss Daisy Humphries and Miss Rena Meisenhelder created H. & M. Toggery clothing store at 523 St. Joseph Street.