Dear Editor
Freedom and Independence, how much we take them for granted. Last month we celebrated Independence Day, next month comes Constitution week Sept. 17-23. How often do we think back what it cost in suffering and lives given for us to have the freedom we have? Sometimes I cannot believe the stupid things that make the news.
It is such a breath of fresh air to have a president who believes in America. He has made statements that NAFTA and the UN are not good for America. Certainly they are not, just ways to lead to world government, which means we lose our Independence and Freedom. Right now we should all call, write or e-mail President Trump to not renegotiate, but end the North American Free Trade Agreement. Yes we need trade, but NAFTA is so much more — only about 20 percent has to deal with trade the rest being commissions regulations, climate concerns, all leading toward a North American Union similar to the European Union. Do we want to lose our sovereignty like the countries across the water? I think not, trade can be worked out one country at a time, is that not what was done before we had all this alphabet soup.
Write the president, senators, congressmen and pray for America.

Obert Sagebiel