County sales tax revenue dip as year winds down


Gonzales County collected $189,892 of sales tax revenue in December bringing 2019’s total to over $2.3 million. While the county’s December total is down in comparison to last year’s figure, the year-to-date total is 13.32% higher than 2018.

The city of Gonzales also had a drop in sale tax revenue with receipts this month. The city’s total dropped 13.46% in comparison to December 2018. Gonzales fell just 0.07% short of its 2018 year-to-date total.  

The city of Nixon had the steepest drop in county, with a 16.23% decrease from December 2018. Nixon’s year-to-date collections are 7.68% lower than last year.

Smiley had the largest monthly increase with 49.52% over December 2018, while Waelder saw the biggest jump up in year-to-date totals with 28.55% over the previous year.

Out of county, both Luling and Shiner have increases in monthly receipts and year-to-date totals.