Letter to the Editor

Constitutional convention is a bad idea


Dear editor,
A constitutional convention is a really bad idea contrary to what some good intentioned conservatives are promoting. Our constitution has served us well for longer than any other in the world. In fact, it has been called the Miracle of America.
So why would we even think about a con-con to change it? I hear Balanced Budget and Term Limits. If Congress were to follow the constitution as written, they would have no problem balancing a budget. Where in the Constitution do we read Education, Health, Foreign Aid, or Welfare? In the mock convention held, the balanced budget amendment that passed has so many exceptions to make it ineffective. Or does that mean lets raise taxes to balance the budget?
Term limits sound so good until you consider what you are asking for. It would mean that you would always have about one-third lame-duck congressmen not responsible to anyone. Do we really think that we could elect someone better consistently? Those concerned about those bureaucrats, well term limits would play right into their hands, sending freshmen to congress with no experience would give bureaucrats and swamp creatures more power.
Now consider what all could go wrong. I don’t believe we have a George Washington, James Madison or Ben Franklin today. Yes, we could have another runaway convention, possibility of the left rewriting our precious constitution. Believe me they are looking forward to that opportunity. The U.S. Congress would have to call for a convention. Have we thought of the time, money and effort it would take to organize? Then whatever amendments passed, how can we be convinced Congress would follow our new amendments if they are not following the constitution now?
We need to ask our Texas legislature to find the Texas call for constitutional convention. We need to educate ourselves and communicate with our U.S. senators and congressman to follow the constitution they swear to uphold.

Obert Sagebile
Cuero, Texas