Letter to the Editor

Citizens must go out and vote


For all who are concerned with their country the primary election has started with early voting on Tuesday February 20, 2018 and the regular election day is on Tuesday March 6 2018. 
This is your chance as patriotic citizens of this Republic to again be the voice of We the People and cast your votes for who will represent us in the local, State, and Federal, government offices. These are the people who ultimately will be representing us all in government decisions that affect our lives. Be sure you choose candidates that when elected will represent all the people not just those that voted for them. It is a duty for all citizens to vote and not let a small percentage of people determine who will be representing us in the government offices. Our only voice in governing is the ballot box. Don’t let our Republic die because We The People did not go out and make our voice heard. Complaining about incumbents and not voting is a waste of breath.

Ken Mosher Sr.