Letter to the Editor

Call for ombudsman


Dear Editor:
This is really a letter to Gonzales county’s gentlemen and ladies who have a heart for elder care residents.
You may be acquainted with what CASA volunteers do for children in the foster care world: each volunteer is privileged to serve as a voice for a child who has no one else to “stand up” for him or her.
The state also has a program called Golden Crescent Ombudsman Program though which volunteers serve as a voice for residents of care facilities who have no one to stand up for them.
I have had the unique privilege of serving as an ombudsman for residents of Heights for a number of years — long enough to learn how difficult it is to interest people in this kind of service — and how great the need is.
Yes, the state provides adequate opportunities for training; and, once trained, certified, and assigned to a facility, an ombudsman will let his or her own schedule of service in that facility.
My hope as I began this letter was to do my best to present the need to as person or persons who cares about residents of Heights, Texans and Romberg House.
Hopefully, what you have read is at least food for thought (and prayer!)

Ann Laster